Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So this week we started with roll cages and fabrication.

Andrew Garcia took a few more pictures of the car. Check 'em out!

Check these sites for more pictures and build progress on roll cages and the types of racing and the safety ideals behind it.

This link shows videos of the types of accidents rally vehicles must be prepared to withstand:


This company DIYAUTOTUNE is building a LSR (land speed racing) car. It is a 240sx, similar to the one you guys built this year. It has an enourmous amount of safety equipment due to the unpredictable nature of 200mph racing:

Check out this video of an LSR twin-turbo V8 that is in the process of being tuned on the dyno towards the end:


A grassroots effort to race on the salt! Compare this 240sx to the one built by DIYAUTOTUNE:

Check out Izzys cages. He shows plenty of detailed pictures of his builds. He build cages for any type of vehicle. He even shows pictures comparing good work vs. bad:

Can you design a cage for your future car?

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