Sunday, January 19, 2014

Finished cage

Here are more pictures of the finished cage.

Below you can see the plating that was done to the top of the front shock towers to keep them from being ripped out in case of impact from a rough landing after clearing a jump!

Here's a look at the back half of the cage you can see the seat mounts, harness bars, cross bars and in the right side of the picture you can see the rear stays that head to the rear shock towers to help support the main hoop and tie in the rear half of the chassis to the front.

Below is the footing for the main hoop right behind the outer sides of the forward passengers floor pans. Notice how the plating is set up and how the tube is welded into the corner, not just at the base. Also take note how the tubes from the sill-bar (bar that runs along the bottom of the door opening) and the bottom door bar (part of the bars that X in the door opening) meet up at this point and tie into the main hoop.

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