Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome to Virginia Beach!

So this weekend i went down to Virginia Beach to visit my cousin and we got to see some pretty cool cars at a club get-together nearby. Cars that were there ranged from rustbucket-roadsters, rare honda NSX, slammed Scion FRS, Infiniti G37, even a Nissan GTR! Unfortunately i couldnt get a picture of any of these, BUT i did get a sweet pic of my cousin's friend's honda civic!

That was all in the day i got there! (I left Bayonne around 7 and got to Virginia around 6 after visiting nearby colleges.)
The next day we got pretty busy, we tried to switch out my cousins fog lights on his del sol, (he had just put HDI's in em and they appeared green which got him a ticket.) But couldn't finish.

These are the wires that go to the fog lights/any other lights on the front bumper.

To get to the fog lights we had to take the front bumper off, which was easy, just had to cut 2 zip ties and unscrew a few alan bolts. (not every car has zip ties holding up the front bumper, this was just temporary.)

The 2 fog lights we needed to replace.
This is where we got the replacement fog lights, this is the old bumper of his car that he got when he first bought the car. He switched this one for the the one below v, because the one below is newer and looks better.
The old bumper also had brackets for the fog lights that we could cut to custom fit the new bumper, which my cousin did here.
We didn't have enough time to get safety glasses when we can just do that OSHA squint!

Another thing my cousin did the day before we got there was put a shopping cart on top of his friend Nathan's 03 Honda Civic LX! Which we put various things in....

Yup, that's a sombrero.
He also plasti-dipped his wheels (i will cover this in a bit) blazing blue without using a base coat, so we put glossifier on em. (They looked awesome!!!)

My cousin also fixed the power regulator (i think it was called the power regulator, i know it was something regulator) on a Ford Ranger, which i forgot to take pictures of >.>. 

We also plasti-dipped my cousin's friend's Corey's Scion TC wheel.
Before it was plasti-dipped with a base coat of black and that one stoke orange over the black.
This is after we got the original plasti-dip off, we used playing cards to mask off the tire.
Base coat of white, almost there!

The tire fully plasti-dipped, top picture with flash, bottom without. (It looked sick!)

My cousin's friend Corey driving his car after we put the plasti-dipped wheel on (top) and his car with the wheel on (bottom.)

Now to what plasti-dipping is:, in my own words (i just found out about what this stuff was yesterday) it's paint. The difference being that this can be removed a lot more easier than regular spray paint (remember when we removed the paint off the avalon?) And there isn't much of a smell to it. One thing to watch out for is that on tires, the plasti-dip collects brake dust (no asbestos but you still don't want to breathe that stuff in.)

Being down in Virginia was a full-blast for the 2 days i went down there, and i kinda wish we had more car-enthusiasts up here in Jersey  :/.