Monday, February 10, 2014

Visited Wiring Specialties

This company in Connecticut focuses on selling pre-made engine wiring harnesses. They had some pretty wild cars in the shop. Check them out!

Goodbye old friend!

Starlet is gone! Was a fun little car :)

Check out some of the things I've been reading!

Check out this "carspotting" post made about Walker Wilkerson's S13 on MotorMavens website: Click Here

I like how the front and the rear are chopped down and made tubular (easy to fix if you hit a wall drifting)

CNC machine work

Remember the other day I was talking about CNC type machine work. It is basically a type of computer controlled for machines. Any machine that a human can operate can also be operated by a computer. Remember your practice using the plasma cutter.. Check this CNC plasma cutting machine for example:

How about something a little more complex? The CNC 5 axis machining center can make things from scratch and even modify existing engine components. Some start with a solid chunk of material, and some start with an existing component.

Everything must start with design: Check out this site that shows the type of work that can be done with a CNC. Check out these examples

Programming the design in an accurate CAD drawing (computer aided design):

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Check Us Out Krusty's Fourm Post
Hopefully we did good tell us what you think thanks
-Krusty Team
240sx S13 Frame Rail Write up Repair