Sunday, January 12, 2014

2007 Suby WRX STI Rally (The First Steps)

Friday, Mr.Gamarra's friends Billy and Justin were able to bring in a 2007 Subaru WRX STI that they are in the process of fabricating a roll cage for a customer.

They came to the shop to weld gussets in the roll cage, which are basically triangles (bent like a slice of pie) that are welded onto any crossbars to reinforce the cage. The following pictures show the emptiness of the car at the beginning stages. The yellow boxes show some examples of where the gussets would be welded to.

You can see that practically everything in the car has been stripped out: the back seat, the front bumper, and in the first picture if you look closely enough you  could see that even the engine has been taken out, leaving only the transmission.
The passenger's seat

The driver's seat.
You can't tell in this picture but the windshield isn't on yet either, this was to prevent the insides from rusting up from the rain we were getting.

 The back windshield wasn't on either, it was just taped down.
The wall between the cabin and the trunk has been taken out. Just a reminder on how the top of the roll cage is put in: You would put the bottom part of the roll cage inside the car first and get everything welded on, then you would cut the body open from the underside (around the backseat area) and drop the roll cage out and under, then continue welding the top of the roll cage in. After all this you would slide the roll cage through the hole in the body, then simply weld the hole closed. Remember that this would be done on the underside of the car, where appearance isn't focused on.

One thing to note about Rallying:
You can't make money in Rallying so if you do it, do it for the hobby and fun of it. It's really fun to rally and it's an activity not many people can experience. As far as numbers go, if you can do all of the work yourself in rallying a car, it would cost around $5,000 for parts, and if you didn't know how to do any of the work at all, it can run up to around $12000 for parts and labor. But don't let this figure scare you, because it's not like you would be spending that much yearly, or ever at all (unless you rally another car.....then you would) however, event entry fees are around $2,000. In my opinion, its worth it, because being a rally car driver, that's good, is a skill to brag about because it means that you can operate under pressure and that you have amazing reflexes. Also that you can drive in all-terrain practically. 

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