Friday, May 30, 2014

Get familiar with ASE and how it works.

Mandatory Reads!!!

Click each link and check out what each has to show you. Come to class Monday prepared with questions. This is for our program completer's exam. I intend on testing you sometime next week, but first need to find an available proctor. We will be taking the ASE G1 Maintenance and Light Repair test.

Here is a free study guide with sample questions and answers. Challenge yourselves and don't skip ahead to the answers. Lets see how much you really know and if you can think like a machine!
Free ASE Study Guides

This is the official ASE study guide for ASE G1 Maintenance and Light Repair test. In this link you will find list of things you are expected to know and understand. There is plenty and you should know plenty of it. 7 Content Areas and 55 questions. Challenge yourselves!!
Offical ASE G1 Study Guide

ASE also put together a nice list of test taking tips. Browse through this as well. Might have some tips for you to consider on all types of tests.
ASE's Test Taking Tips!

Since this is a CBT (Computer Based Test) you will need to be familiar with the format before we actually take the test so you aren't wasting precious time figuring out the format. Take the sample test and click all of the buttons to try them out. GO ON!! TEST IT OUT!!
(Note: Make sure your pop-up's arent blocked as the test window is a POP-UP)
CBT Test Drive

Recommended Reads!

These are all of the other ASE Test Series available. There are tests to prove that you have what it takes in all areas of automotive service and repair. You might like buses, trucks, or just doing the machine work and finish work. There is a test for you to take and earn your certificate that will prove you are qualified!
ASE Certification Tests Series

This is a link to all of the other study guides available. If  you would like to see how much you know or would like to know, go ahead and browse through them. This is a recommended read if you are interested in becoming an automotive technician and taking the ASE exams!
Test Prep Training Study Guides

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