Friday, March 7, 2014

more recent findings

Ryan from RyWire is building another wicked Honda.. There is a shop helping him with the sheetmetal fabrication. Their work is impeccable!! Check out his build. Post comments on what you think!! Check all 12 pages of the build thread. Click here!

This is Ryans EA-T civic.. It is a running/driving car.. but how?? Nothing is hooked up to the firewall.. There arent any brakes.. Can you guys figure out how this is possible?

12-rotor engine.....

- This guy (Miura-san) makes all of the cool new high-end body kits in this small little shop in japan. Top Resin Art (TRA).
Click here to view the speedhunter's article (Remeber smoking cigarettes is bad!!)

- Unreal restoration shop. This is one of the places where the best in the business go.. Brabus
Click here to check the Speedhunters article.

- If you like art and cars.. seek no further. This Blown-Apart car art is mind blowing. Tons of work goes into it and the final products are very cool.
Click here for the speedhunters article.

- Tomcat S13 anyone??
Click this link to see what a Tomcat s13 is....

This builder's vision is super unique!! Check out the wild paint scheme on his s14:

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