Thursday, April 11, 2013

Piston Technology!! Casting vs. Forging READD!!

I hope you've all been paying close attention to the BIG Picture... Not all pistons (or engine components) are created equally. When manufacturers designate a certain material and design for a piston, they do this after a very well thought out decision making process which involves questions such as: What is the primary purpose of the overall final product? How much will it cost? How long do we intend it to last? What kind of gasoline do we suggest get's used by the consumer? Will it be easy to service? Ferrari and Honda produce vehicles: Correct. Ferrari and Honda ask themselves the same questions: CORRECT. Ferrari and Honda produce a great vehicle: Opinions may vary. Ferrari and Honda produce super cars for a high end market: Depends. Ferrari and Honda make two entirely different products: YES. Please consider the differences!

Make sure you read through all 5 pages of this article. You will recognize much of the information I shared with you in class.

This article speaks of the difference between aluminum and magnesium: At the bottom of the article it has a main summary.

This article speaks of the differences between aluminum and cast iron: Also has a summary at the bottom.

Just look at the pictures here. Read if you dare!

More pictures. Read if you dare:

Lots of great info here and pictures as well:

Here is a video on forging:

Here is a video on casting:

If you are interested in the processes from molten to machined by robots, check this out:

Here is another good one on forging:

Imagine how hard that hammer must hit to shake the ground...

Summit Racing cast vs. forged:

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