Friday, January 18, 2013

Was trying to find information

What kind of transmission do we have??? Ever think of that? We know what motor we have. We are going to test it soon. We have a transmission, but that is all we know. Does it have gear oil? How do we check? Is it a good one? Is it the correct year? Is it for the Beetle or the bus? HOW DO WE KNOW?! (research...)

This is where I started, but needed to clarify some findings..

Stumbled upon this.. He has listed lots of information here.

Although it refers to the VW BUS, parts are similar and show many different part numbers.

I've been so entertained reading this guys challenges!

Here is some very helpful engine tech/knowledge!

More transmission info, but it conflicts with the first link...

ASK KELVIN what model transmission we have. He found it today..

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